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I've been seeing Dr. Oswald in her Poway office (no longer in Poway) for a year or two now. She has, quite literally, changed my life. Not only is she a great practitioner but she is slow, methodical and educates you while she is working. I tried another chiro after she left Poway and I felt like I'd been beaten up. I will make the drive from North county to continue seeing her. She is fantastic.

Cairn D.

Poway, CA
I have been treated by a few different chiropractors over the years and Dr. Oswald is by far the BEST. She takes the time to get to know her patients. She has taken great care of me over the past year in her Poway office. Not only is she an excellent adjuster, she provides great education as well, with recommendations for stretches to do between office visits. Dr. Oswald is personable, friendly and professional. I was so sorry when she announced that she was leaving the Poway office to focus on her practice in San Diego. She is an outstanding chiropractor!

Lara P.

Poway, CA
Don't let her young appearance and personality fool you! Dr. Oswald as as good a chiropractor as you will find *anywhere*. I have seen her a few times at her Poway office, as has my wife. She is caring, understanding, has a great sense of humor, and really knows her field. I like the fact that she explains each step of the process and tells you what she is going to do before she does it. Her "wiggle your toes" instruction just before she makes an adjustment really cracked me up the first time I heard it... pun not intended! And if you're a big guy, don't worry about her small stature -- she'll make you help her adjust you. Gotta love it! I have not been to her Sports Arena Blvd. office yet, since I work in Poway and live in the south bay. But since she works on Saturdays, I just might have an excuse to go! To reiterate, Dr. Oswald is professional yet friendly, very knowledgeable, and I highly recommend her.

Bryce N.

Chula Vista, CA
I couldn't possibly say enough good things about Dr. Oswald!! She is totally professional and a very gifted healer. I felt like I had known her all my life. She is very patient and takes all the time you need for her to help with "whatever ails ya". I would recommend her even after only one visit. She fixed me up and i am forever grateful.

Maureen D.

El Cajon, CA
Dr. Alicia understands more than the four dings in my spine. She has improved my structure by repairing the muscular imbalances. Resulting in more progress than just adjustments.

Steve P.

San Diego, CA
I started going to Dr. Oswald last year after a back injury that reoccured out of the blue. Not only did she treat my back but she diagnosed my injury without the MRI, through x-rays alone. She has also helped with other aches and pains like impingement in the shoulder (from sleeping on it wrong). Almost a year later I am still a patient and back to my active lifestyle. Everytime I leave her office, I feel like a new person (because I'm going in with extreme pain and leaving with moderate to no pain). Dr Oswald also knows how to help you avoid injuries and alleviate them in the future with exercises!


San Diego, CA
Im a crossfitter so I put my body through alot everyday. I look forward to my visits with Dr. Oswald every week. I go into her office knowing that I will be pain free when I leave. Theres very few chiropractors that also do muscle work before they adjust you. She does and its so WONDERFUL . She makes you feel comfortable and tells you what she going to adjust before she does it. (unlike other ones who just crack you and surprise you:((( Dr. Oswald can also do Kisneotaping. She does it all!! I cant imagine seeing anyone else. I look forward to my next visit!

Stephanie G.

San Diego, CA
Dr. Oswald is AMAZING! I'm truly grateful to her! Her customized, personal care is top-notch. She even got my transverse baby to turn head-down late in the third trimester! She takes an individual approach, creating customized exercise/physical therapy plans to suit the needs of the patient, above and beyond traditional chiropractic care. Anyone seeking chiropractic care would definitely be in good hands. Thank you, Dr. Oswald!

Victoria L.

Beverly Hills, CA
The absolute best Chriopractic experience I have ever had. I have been going to the chiropractor for over 30 years and this was the best. Alicia is professional, knowledgeable and she goes right to it. Absolutely recommend.

Cullen R.

San Diego, CA
OMG, my lower back has gone out four to five times over the past eight years, yet I've never visited a chiropractor. I met with Alicia and not only do I understand what's wrong with my back but her therapy cured my pain in a fraction of the time it traditionally took to heal. I also left with the knowledge required to avoid future ailments. Alicia was professional, affective and very easy to feel comfortable trusting. i would recommend her to anyone needing chiropractic care. Wonderful experience....

Christopher R.

San Diego, CA
Dr. Oswald was amazing!! I'm not sure if Dr. Oswald knew that I was nerves, about getting adjusted or not, but as soon as Dr. Oswald started she informed me as to what she was going to work on. Dr. Oswald explained what she was doing as she adjusted me. I was so impressed with her knowledge and the way she treated me. I came in nerves and came out relaxed and feeling amazing. If your looking for a great Chiropractor you should check Dr Oswald out. She is incredible...

Christie P.

San Diego, CA
Alicia is an excellent and professional chiropractor. She is the official chiro of the San Diego Women's Lacrosse Post-Collegiate Club Team. I think one of the most important things about Alicia and her practice is that she is an athelete herself, which helps her to better understand how to treat our team and others. I hurt my neck and back pretty badly and I owe my speedy recovery to Alicia. Our entire team uses Alicia, so you have about 25 girls giving her the thumbs up!


San Diego, CA

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